American Standard Rectangular Bar Grating

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1. Manufacture Aluminium gratings are manufactured by a high-power pressing process in which all joints are made without welding. The finished panels can be cut to size at any point without impairing the strength and rigidity. 2. Product Code ExampleI-Bar aluminium gratings can be manufactured with a variety of bearing bars. The main specifications are listed below.
Rectangular Bar Bearing Bar Spacing Cross Bar Spacing Bearing Bar Size
19-SGI-4 1-3/16” 4” 1”x1/4”,1-1/4”x1/4”, 1-1/4”X3/8”, 1-1/2”x1/4”, 1-3/4”x1/4”, 2”x1/4”…….
19-SGI-2 1-3/16” 2”
15-SGI-4 15/16” 4”
15-SGI-2 15/16” 2”
11-SGI-4 11/16” 4”
11-SGI-2 11/16” 2”
9-SGI-4 9/16” 4”
9-SGI-2 9/16” 2”
7-SGI-4 7/16” 4”
7-SGI-2 7/16” 2”
1-1/4”X1/4” 19- SGI -4 is the most commonly used specification of I-Bar aluminium grating 3.Feature Light-weight and high strength corrosion-resistant, non-sparking rustproof. Easily recycled versatile 4.Applications walkways platforms Fence Building ceiling Floors Façade 5.Our Services Specification are able to custom based on customer’s requirement. We can provide the 3D or CAD drawings. 6.Packaging & Delivery 0_w1000_IMG_20180509_145446 0_w1000_IMG_20170911_102741 0_w1000_IMG_20170911_102802

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